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Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) has nearly 10 000 employees, including over 6 000 technicians. Of whom, 49% of the employees have obtained master’s degree or above.

Totally, 27 senior scientists of CAAS have been invited as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE).?Nowadays,?eleven of them ar...

Talent Program


Attracting and Retaining Top TalentAs a top internationally recognized institution, CAAS attracts some of the top scientists from within China and around the globe. There are currently 5,306 technical professionals at CAAS, 2,319 of whom are at a senior level. Currently, two CAAS scientists serve as academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and nine serve as ac...

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Research Teams

PHOTO Research Areas Chief scientist The Research Institute
金莎娱乐场app下载 Rice Quality and Stress-resistance Improvement by Molecular Breeding LI Zhi-kang Institute of Crop Sciences
金莎娱乐场app下载 Crop Germplasm Protection and Innovation LI Li-hui Institute of Crop Sciences


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