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2014 China Biological Control Industry Annual Conference held in Wuhan

Source: Institute of Plant Protection

The Bio-pesticides and Biological Control industry technology innovation strategic Alliance(hereinafter referred to as Alliance), whose main responsibility unit is the Institute of Plant Protection, CAAS, has successfully held the "2014 China Biological Control Industry Annual Conference" in October, 2014 in Wuhan, Hubei Province. The theme is "Win-win Cooperation, Planning Development." More than 200 representatives from 100 enterprises and institutions (including bio-pesticide companies in UK, Germany, Israel, and the Netherland) attended the conference.

The Alliance is a social organization approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China in 2013. The alliance was announced on the list of the third installment national pilot alliance on October 11, 2013. Now the alliance’s membership has been growing to 149 enterprises and institutions in the country, including 48 scientific research institutes and universities, accounting for 53.3% of total domestic research institutes in the same field; 101 related to the production of bio-pesticides enterprises, accounting for 39.2% of the total current domestic bio-pesticide production enterprises. The Alliance upholds the scientific and technological innovation as a guide to organize technical research and development, achievements transformation, and set up a sound system for the innovation. With the aim of making industrial and technological progress, promoting industrial restructuring and upgrading, enhancing the international competitiveness of bio-pesticides and biological control technology industry in China, and ensuring healthy and rapid development, the Alliance will carry out biological control technology integration and demonstration. The alliance focuses on solving key technologies and core technical issues appeared in the bio-pesticides and biological control technology industrial development, developing core technical personnel and products, establishing the research and development platforms, public verification platforms and technology transfer platforms with the ability of continuous innovation. The Alliance will be a demonstration base for the development and industrialization of high-end bio-pesticides and biological control technology product, which will provide technical support for the development of China's bio-pesticides and biological control technology industry.

At the Conference, delegates discussed on product registration, market trends, combination with organic agriculture, and bio-pesticides development in the market for non-agricultural pesticides. It has provided an exchange and cooperation platform for the bio-control specialists, bio-pesticide manufacturers and agricultural dealers to discuss on the choke points in the development of biological control. The theme of the conference was focused on innovation and development of biological pesticides, agricultural market demands and policy interpretation, the opportunities and challenges brought by the global development of organic agriculture and biological control industry, and the successful experience in the development of biological control enterprises. The meeting will play a positive role in resolving the bottleneck in the development of biological control, promoting the development of biological control industry in China, boosting the healthy ecological planting, and ensuring the food security.

By Dewen Qiu


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