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Positions for Innovation Research Team Leaders are Available

Source: Feed Research Institute

Institute of Feed Research (IFR) CAAS is a national research institute devoted to feed sciences and animal nutrition. IFR conducts studies concerning every link of feed industry and mainly focus on feed resource development and utilization, animal nutrition and healthy, feed quality and safety, feed and animal product safety, ecological environment safety and animal product quality.


For the development of IFR, welcome outstanding scientists from all over the world to join us and make IFR stronger together.


1. Positions for innovation research team leaders

. Feed resources and database

. Synthetic biology or feed protein production with cell culture technique

. Precise nutrition and smart farming


2. Job Responsibilities

.Vision with cutting-edge developments and trends in the field. Ability to choose the research topic targeting on the necessity of the research field. Leadership for research team to produce innovative results and make notable scientific progress at an international level.

.Organizing and undertaking national key research projects on feed resources and nutrition evaluation, synthetic biology or feed protein production with cell culture technique and precise nutrition and smart farming.

.Developing basic strategies and forward-looking research projects and achieving major scientific research result.


3. Positions requirements

. Professor under 55 years old and in good health

.Meet one of the following requirements

1). Academician in the related research area

2). National distinguished talent and leading talent

3). Distinguished Young Scholars award winner from NSFC

4). Agricultural distinguished talent and the Changjiang Scholar

5). Rank 1st of National science and technology awards

6). Project leader of national key project

7). Others made notable achievements and have tremendous influence, such as list front accomplisher of  national science and technology awards or rank 1st of ministerial and provincial-level awards; talent from abroad and director and deputy director of key national laboratory as well as top talent of provincial level.

8). The Elite Youth applying for the team leader should meet or partially meet the following requirements: professor or associate professor abroad  and in good health; national project leader or list front accomplisher of  national science and technology awards or rank 1st of ministerial and provincial-level awards, published 3 papers in core journal as first author or corresponding author; national and innovation team leader of youth talent as well as oversea, national and provincial.


4. Salary and benefits

With competence salary and benefits package based on the negotiation, recommend application all classes of Talent of CAAS


5. Application

Applications must include a CV and a cover letter and email to slskyc@caas.cn, the email title should be position application + school graduated +name.


6. Application time

The positions will remain open until 30 June 2021.



Ms. Tian Yuan, Mr. Yue Hongyuan

Institute of Feed Research of CAAS

Address: No.12 Zhongguancun South St., Haidian District, Beijing, P. R. China

Telephone: +86 10 82106056, +86 10 62159288

Fax: +86 10 82106054

Email: slskyc@caas.cn

                                                By Zhao Lihua (zhaolihua@caas.cn)


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