September 30,2014 | Vol. 3
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Li Jiayang meets ADG of the FAO

President Li Jiayang met with FAO Assistant Director General Wang Ren at CAAS headquarters in Beijing on September 3rd, 2014.

Li expressed his appreciation on the joint efforts and contribution in promoting the south-south cooperation in the field agricultural science and technology. CAAS has maintained a long-term partnership with the FAO for decades early since the 1970s. “CAAS always attaches great importance to the collaborations with the FAO, and we are glad to see there are many successes in expertise exchanges and S&T programs cooperation”, said Li, “Such collaborations, as good examples of South-South cooperation, will bring mutual benefits to both China and the FAO”. Li also proposed the two sides continue to work together in the talent training and launch more joint research initiatives.

Wang introduced FAO’s ongoing reform and hoped FAO and CAAS would strengthen collaboration in the fields of urban agriculture, sustainable livestock industry and animal disease control.

Percy Misika, FAO representative to China, attended the meeting.
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