June 30,2014 | Vol. 2
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CAAS scientists construct the first genetic linkage map in ramie

The first Ramie molecular marker genetic linkage map was constructed by Dr. Touming Liu and his research team in the Institute of Bast Fiber Crops (IBFC) of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS). The team has also completed the mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) for Ramie fiber yield-related traits. The good news is, the genetic map of molecular makers drawn will be directly applied in Ramie molecular marker to assist the selection in breeding that will improve the yield.

Ramie is one of the most important natural fiber crops which is well known in China by the name “China grass”. The traits of ramie including yield, quality and other important agronomic traits are inherited in a quantitative manner. The traits are also susceptible to the environment, which pose a challenge to characterize the genetic basis. For a long time, the Ramie breeding have been based on conventional breeding strategy, resulting in many shortcomings, such as long breeding period and the uncontrolled objective traits. With the rapid development of biotechnology, molecular breeding has been widely used to design traits for improvement of rice and other major crops. However, the development of molecular biology techniques is poor in Ramie, which has impaired the development of Ramie molecular breeding.

Thanks for the National Natural Science Foundation project fund, which enabled Dr. Liu and his research team to come out with first transcriptome characterization of the Ramie. Based on the sequence of transcriptome, 1,827 simple sequence repeat (SSR) of Ramie had been developed. Similarly, the first genetic linkage map constructed by using these SSR markers of Ramie. Equally important, 33 fiber yield-related QTLs had been identified.

These serial research findings had been published in the journal of BMC Genomics, PLoS One, and Molecular Breeding. For more detail information please go the links bellow.

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